Leadership and Development

In our work with leaders, we’ve discovered that, while the specifics of individual leadership roles might vary, certain commonalities unite all educational leaders. LCI has developed SOAR, its framework for leadership development, to support leaders in three critical common areas: Strategic, Organizational, and Relational leadership. SOAR divides each of the three main domains into two strands, further developed with behaviors, skills and dispositions specific to particular leadership roles.

Strategic Leadership focuses on instructional and improvement priorities. It is here that the leader mediates the needs and challenges of ensuring quality instruction and of establishing or strengthening systems and processes that promote ongoing and sustainable improvement.

Organizational Leadership includes cultural and systems leadership, focusing on specifics like traditions, induction and exit processes and the dispositions that support quality learning, while also attending to the fiscal, physical and policy related needs.

Relational Leadership taps both facilitative (interpersonal) and reflective (intrapersonal) areas as it promotes the need to build relationships, trust and internal capacity while also focusing on tapping and deepening the leader’s intrapersonal skills such as reflection, self-awareness, mindfulness and resilience.

By combining three levels of specificity, SOAR provides a means for leaders to think about their practice and its effects.  They can use SOAR to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and can consider the influence of each level on the attainment of their priorities.  SOAR is also useful in structuring leadership improvement plans and identifying specific next steps in professional leadership development.

SOAR is informed by the 2008 ISLLC standards and 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders as well as by LCI’s Multidimensional Professional Performance System and its intensive work in leadership development.

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