We believe that leadership evaluation is most likely to promote improvement if it is included in a balanced assessment system that also attends to diagnostic and formative assessment.

We help educational organizations to examine and refine their professional evaluation systems with a focus on professional growth and school improvement.       

Our Multidimensional Professional Performance Evaluation System contextualizes evaluation inside the real work of educational leaders.  We help them to articulate and understand how their current practices address their goals and improvement priorities, align their practices to current leadership standards, reflect upon their progress, and provide explicit evidence of attainment.  Our system provides high-quality tools and processes to support professional leadership evaluation needs.

Quality principal practice is supported by the Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric (MPPR).  The Multidimensional Principal Leadership Rubric (MLPR) addresses the same qualities for non-principal school and district leaders.  Superintendents can use the Multidimensional Superintendent Performance Rubric (MSPR) to contextualize and support professional growth. 

Field Guides, Quick Guides, and professional development coaching and consultations round out the support that we offer to those engaged in leadership evaluation.

Explore our MPPR Support programs in our program guide.

Responding to Professional Evaluation

Imagine a definition of “accountability” that is grounded in an acceptance of our shared, collective professional responsibility for learning.

Field Guide: Principal Basic Set

Field Guide: Principal Basic Set

MPPR Overview

Learn more about the theory behind the MPPR's design, and how it's structured, in this overview presentation.