Clients have lots to say about the work of LCI.  In fact, most new clients come to LCI as a result of the recommendations of our existing clients. This is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.  The words of our clients provide us with the challenge of meeting – and exceeding – their affirmations and expectations.


After our work with LCI, we saw a shift from the traditional high school model of learning.  Our teachers moved from lecturing the students to being facilitators of learning. They offered more authentic assessments that bridge to things outside the classroom.  Our students starting making connections and taking charge of their own learning.

Carol Kelley
Superintendent, Branchburg Township School District


LCI’s work in former Region One (Community School Districts 9 and 10) in the Bronx supported our region in identifying, developing, sharing and using our knowledge and expertise to improve our organization from within. Their work started in a handful of schools, including work with superintendents and regional office administrators. Eventually, the work grew to encompass people at all levels of the organization from strategic learning and planning sessions with superintendents to a comprehensive professional development initiative that included regional and school administrators, teachers, coaches, lead teachers, and others from 130 schools. LCI staff challenged us to think systemically and strategically; to make connections and see relationships across instructional departments; and to reflect critically about our own practice and expertise vis-à-vis the organization. Over the course of our work together, there were dramatic shifts in our organization and in its members.

Jie Zeng
Chief of Staff
Queens Integrated Service Center
NYC Department of Education

When LCI first came to us, we had many wheels turning in different directions.  We needed to understand our needs and coordinate our approach to addressing those needs.  LCI taught us how to keep a sustained focus on identifying our needs, prioritizing the work, and capitalizing on our strengths.  

Ann Dealy
Principal, The Brookside School

(Our) summer professional development and curriculum work (is) intended to address the goal of designing a balanced and meaningful assessment program that addresses our local needs and, ideally complies with the regulations put forth by the NYSED.  We have been building our skill and capacity to tackle this work since last summer when we began working with Jennifer Borgioli from Learner Centered Initiatives (LCI)….  She is an amazing talent who brings the expertise, knowledge and skill that we must have if we are to move forward with success and confidence in the quality of our work….  We are very excited to be bringing her back to kick off our summer efforts.

Dr. Demian Singleton
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Guilderland Central School District


LCI is a carefully constructed, research-based approach to professional development which has promoted a Professional Learning Community culture in our school district.

David Gamberg
Assistant Superintendent
Patchogue-Medford Schools

Your patience with my questions, the small group work, the warm and cool feedback and many other activities made me realize how far my learning has come this year. As an individual I have made great strides. This new learning has changed my thinking as well as my teaching. Thanks, Diane for another incredible class.

Lisa Augustine
Literacy Coach
Patchogue-Medford Schools

My students have benefited from what I bring back to them from LCI…My assessments have become more formative and less summative especially in the areas of writing, social studies and math… I now focus so much more on the process of student learning and base my lessons on what students need. Because of LCI, I feel as though my teaching has become more meaningful for students. It has helped me to be more reflective about what does and does not help in being an effective facilitator of learning.

Syndee Zegel
Teacher Leader
Patchogue-Medford Schools

The quality of work that LCI presents is amazing.  It is all rooted in research, and in adult learning.  They set high standards – and we have always been impressed.

Tim Kaltenecker
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Byram Hills School District

We will be forever grateful for all of your wonderful work at PS 24. You had a tremendous impact on our faculty and students!

Shirley Glickman
Literacy Coach
PS 24

I have worked with Learner-Centered Initiatives for over 10 years and have been most pleased with the way in which they customize support based on the needs of each school. LCI has worked with over 55 schools in my Network and Cluster and each would like to continue this important work. LCI has consistently delivered state of the art embedded professional development devoted to leadership development, capacity building and transforming the school culture to meet the needs of our children as well as our evolving system.

Jackquelyn H. Young
Cluster Leader
NYC Empowerment Schools

These are not prepackaged modules. Giselle’s work is a direct outgrowth of the identification of needs based on conversations between her organization and the school leadership team. The work itself has yielded improved instruction, curriculum design, and learning outcomes as measured by quality assurance data as well as standardized test data. Our work with Learner Centered Initiatives is a partnership we look forward to continuing in the future.

David Tinagero
Board of Trustees
Mott Hall Bronx High School

LCI was selected as a provider based on their ability to design and deliver quality learning experiences based on the needs of our school. This work has included not only facilitating the professional development for teachers but building the capacity of the schools’ in-house professional development staff to continue the learning between sessions and beyond…We have found Learner Centered Initiatives uniquely qualified to direct this work…School leaders as well as teachers have benefited from the expertise and learning that LCI has brought to our school community. As we all work together to build our professional learning community, I look forward to the support of Learner Centered Initiatives.

Ted Husted
PS 85

When we set out, Giselle and Joanne sat with us for an extended period of time…they learned about the strengths and needs of our network of learners. Together with them our vision became clear…their expertise they guided our thinking and learning to develop our leaders as builders of internal expertise through distributive leadership… The team of people that LCI has working with schools is very intuitive…Feedback is given and received on an ongoing basis. LCI helped our network develop systems that promoted and encouraged the work to continue back in the schools…

Maria Quail
NYC Empowerment Schools Network Leader